Meet Kyler

Kyler Brady


Hello and thanks for visiting my page. I am a yoga teacher at SOL Yoga, Sacred Thread Yoga, and Windy Hill Athletic Club. I am also a Yoga HPE Professor at Kennesaw State University. 

My yoga journey began as a focus on the physical practice, but I quickly realized that yoga was way more than a sequence of poses. My own experience of yoga is what led me to teaching 5 years ago. I am a 200-hour yoga teacher registered under Yoga Alliance. To name a few, I have trained with Atlanta local teachers such as Annelise Lonider and Meryl Arnett as well as Laughing Lotus teachers such as Dana Flynn and Ali Cramer. Yoga allows me to have and to cultivate these flashes of understanding and compassion that communicate a fierce truth within ourselves and our surroundings. With this practice and understanding, I am able to connect better with myself and the world around me.

My practice has been powerful and healing. My definition of yoga is creativity, clarity, and a living art. Since I've developed my craft of teaching yoga, I have had a humbling and empowering experience. I lean towards Vinyasa and Yin-style classes with a creative and purposeful intention. I teach yoga in hopes of bringing tools to others that will help bring clarity, compassion, and understanding in their lives.